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In the term "woman seeks man" many men think that this is mainly about strength or a financial security. But in doing so, they are completely wrong, for in most cases this is really a man with humor. Characteristics such as strength and security through a financial cushion may please the one or other women, but the rule is not such characteristics in the partner search. One can recognize this again and again at the contact ads under the heading "woman seeks man", which is first called a wanted single with humor.


Why the humor is so important in "woman looking man"

Men with a good dose of humor can naturally make women laugh. But this is usually not the main reason why a female single is looking for a man with humor. For if you know it consciously in the search for love or it is just unconsciously perceived: Humor is found especially among the people who have sufficient intelligence. For anyone who does not take life too seriously and can even take on the scandal once, bears witness to a certain distance from his own ego. And so the term "witty" was used synonymously in the 18th century with the word "geistreich". It is therefore not a new-fashioned phenomenon, that in "woman see man" the humorous men on the favorites list are very high. And finally, in their search for the dream woman about the contact ads have better chances than the more serious men among the singles.

At a partner agency, a female single in many cases is only looking for men with humor, because one can make life much more pleasant and cheerful with them. And so one finds in the category "woman seeks man" numerous contact ads, where the humor as the most important property with the male sex is indicated. Most women are totally unanimous in their search for a partner agency - humor is important in a relationship.


Woman is looking for man with humor - but no joke

When a woman is looking for her dream partner, humor is the most common among women. However, the male single should not exaggerate, because a pronounced joke cookie will also have a bad luck with a partner on the Internet. In general it can be said that the humor must simply come from a self - to listen to the jokes from the next comic book for hours or to steal funny anecdotes from the work colleague will hardly open the heart of the women to a single. Because under the heading "woman seeks man" of the partner agency, men with a real sense of humor are searched and not with animated spells. And if a woman clearly mentions the humor already in her contact ads, then she has guaranteed herself intensively and is looking for a man who can give her exactly this.

Also, in woman looking man with humor is not meant that the desired men should be funny from morning to night. In the search for constant laughs, the female singles would prefer to watch a comedy than to have the lead actor the whole day before the nose. After all, the ladies' world also looks for men with whom they can spend their lives and master their lives.


Men also look for women with humor

Not just the section "Woman seeks man" is often provided with the keyword humor - even a male single is usually looking for a female counterpart with a humorous kind. Many women tend to perfectionism, which can eventually lead to a very dogged lifestyle. And if you look at the data of the male singles, such a behavior lets the libido sink quickly into the basement.

Accordingly, the women in their search for the Traummann have a much better chance at a partner agency if they can count on a given portion of humor in the contact announcements about their characteristics. And if you are looking for a suitable partner in a humorous way, then you will find it more quickly.


Your own humor

Anyone who responds to the contact information in the section "Woman seeking man" will quickly notice a clear difference between humor and humor. Because every man and woman has a very special kind of humor - for a later relationship this should also fit together. Especially in Northern Germany you will quickly find out that the humorous way is a bit sarcastic and ironic. In the southern states, on the other hand, such a kind of humor can already be regarded as cynical and unfriendly.

By the first contact with "woman seeks man" is usually quickly to determine whether the other single really is the man, which one is looking for. Men and women should not be wrong in responding to a contact message, because this is the only way to get the sense of humor. And if it comes to a real meeting after the first learning under "woman seeks man", then one will have much more pleasure with the date, if the humor of both is on a wavelength.


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