Paarfieber go's

Upload only your own photos and videos
We take the copyright very seriously! If you upload a photo or video without the rights to it, that content will be removed and you may be excluded from using paarfieber's.

Respect other members
Paarfieber is a very versatile community. That means all members must respect the views, interests and possessions of other paarfieber members.

Send original messages to other users
Everyone is happy about an individual message! Instead of always sending the same text with the well-known "copy-and-paste" method, look at the profile of your potential chat partner and write a suitable message. "Hey, you also like swimming in summer?" is always better than "Hi cutie"!

Follow our guidelines
Please do not force us to warn you repeatedly or block your profile because you disregard our policies. Be nice in dealing with others and you can have a lot of fun with paarfieber!

Share your life with the rest of the world
With paarfieber, you can tell the world about you and your life. Use the versatile possibilities to develop yourself in our network.

Have fun
Enjoy your time with paarfieber. Chat with new people, make friends and meet with them offline. We wish you lots of fun!

Paarfieber No Go's

Do not insult others
Behave in paarfieber just like in real life. Treat other people as kindly as you would treat them in real life.

Do not be fooled by someone else
We hope that you get to know people who also become part of your life offline. Please use your real first name, a current photo on which you can clearly see and make in your profile real information about you. Do not fake it as if you are someone else and please do not create a profile as a group.

Do not post contact information
We strongly advise against publishing your What's app, phone number, address, email address, or URL of a web page in your profile, photos, or public comments as we remove them.

Do not upload tasteless and pornographic material
We are sure that you will find somewhere on the Internet to upload and watch pornography or shocking photos and videos - but our site is not one of them. We ask you to respect that. That does not mean that you can not upload sexy photos of yourself; we just do not want you to overdo it. If you have sexy photos you can mark them as private.

Do not do anything illegal or criminal on our side
We do not accept any illegal activities at paarfieber in the event of an infringement, we will block your access to our site and may report you to the appropriate authorities.

Do not send ads or spam to our users
Do not try to sell products or services, or promote other sites or yourself to paarfieber - otherwise you will be blocked without warning.

Do not post photos of your children
It's natural that you want to tell other users if you have children! Of course this is allowed, both in profile and in chat. However, it violates the paarfieber guidelines to upload photos of children - even if you are seen in the photo!

If you fail to comply with these guidelines, you will receive a warning first (unless your violation is being forfeited without warning). Repeated offenses risk losing your profile without further notice. These guidelines have been introduced by us so that paarfieber remains a peaceful, friendly and safe place. Please hold on to it. We wish you a lot of fun!


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