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About us



The Paarfieber dating portal was launched in 2006 and was very successful right from the start. In 2013, around 3 million members made Paarfieber one of the most popular singles exchanges in Germany.  After the death of the founder, the dating portal ran without management for many years, but hundreds of thousands of members are still registered today and there is still a lively exchange. Now the business has been taken over by a new operating company and will continue to delight its members with a greatly modernized platform and innovative new features.


We want you as a user to go online and have fun, not somehow and certainly not at prices for which you could buy a washing machine. We don't need to buy meaningless test seals in order to feign trust, but want you to be absolutely satisfied and to be able to recommend us with a clear conscience.

This starts with professional internet software in the run-up and an individual appearance of us and of course of you. All this includes fun. We avoid fakes and ban scammers as much as possible. We are not a boring personal ad market with always the same accents, but offer entertainment, fun and even coaching.
Our commitment only ends when we have made it possible for you to have success and fun in our dating portal and to recommend our website to others. That's exactly why we celebrate the big and small success stories of our members, gladly as our own.


More and more people go looking for a partner in different areas. That's a good thing, because the desire for security and love never loses its importance. It was and is no different for us. But reality sometimes speaks a different language. Because many prospective members make the wrong decisions, the flight to love heaven often ends quite rudely. We, the operators and experts of Paarfieber, would like to avoid that.

It is a "fun principle" that we have been developing for years that systematically shows you the right way. Everything is screened and every area has been thought through by us before it is clicked on. Rather three times than once, we analyse fun factors and develop solutions that promise success. Here we do not try to lure you into a gagging contract. Our prices are transparent and very reasonable compared to some of our competitors. Try our dating portal, because we stand by our word.


Every dating portal and every singles site is different and it is important to emphasise this uniqueness.
We support you in this - with solutions that don't break the budget, such as points, credits or superpower. And with ideas that will quickly make your dream of a partnership come true. These include photo voting, a blog, a pin board, the date hit for your success and our modern chat system. We are always up to date and continue to build great things that will boost your fun factor.

We wish you lots of fun and success!
Your Paarfieber Team